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Head Travel Pillow

The head travel pillow is a micro-beads u-shaped neck pillow that supports the head and falls asleep tired from the night. The pillow has a heady mix of frenchoise and straw-coloured beads, giving it a heady, 8" long bed sheet like effect. It has a small, but effective keyhole for modification. And in case you need a night time 319 kind of sleep, the head travel pillow has got a special sleep sack,

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This is a head travel pillow that uses a built-in air soft cushion to help soothe sleepy gadgets. The pillow is portable and can be used anywhere you like, it has an innovative design and is soft to the touch.
this head travel pillow is a perfect way to fall asleep at home. It is made of memory foam and will keep you comfortable and warm. The neck support and head cushion will help you sleep well. The gray color will give you a modern look.
the head travel pillow is a soft and comfortable memory foam pillow that is perfect for history and travel. It has a head rest car plane soft cushion that supports the head and is also equipped with a neck support head rest and a soft memory foam body.